Schools Work

Primary and Secondary Education

In addition to our training workshops for professionals we offer bespoke assemblies and interactive workshops in schools and colleges for pupils of all ages and abilities.  

We work closely with teaching providers in Yorkshire to develop our training so we are update with all education legislation including Ofsted criteria and core professional standards. 

Below is the list of assemblies and workshops we can offer. These can be adapted to fulfill the needs of your school and college.

Building a Mental Health Toolkit

Mindfulness Skills

Disability Awareness

Self Esteem and Emotional Resilience 

Challenging Gender Roles

Sexual Health 

HIV Mythbusters

We can also support your school to create a ALLY group such a Gender and Sexuality Alliance or a Mental Health Awareness and Support Group.

Assemblies cost just £50 and are free if you book in some follow up workshops or staff training.

Workshops are priced at £100 per half day and £180 for a full day. 

Our most popular requests from schools are comprehensive and age appropriate assemblies and workshops around sexuality and gender identity. Below is a detailed breakdown of what LGBT workshops we can offer .

LGBT+ Schools Work

Ensuring your primary school is a safe place for LGBT+ students


In 2013,  OFSTED released a briefing for section 5 inspection exploring how schools’ actions prevent and tackle homophobic and transphobic bullying. During primary school OFSTED inspections , inspectors might explore whether:

· Pupils ever hear anyone use the word ‘gay’ when describing something, or whether they have been told by teachers that using the word ‘gay’, to mean something is rubbish, is wrong, scary or unpleasant and why it is wrong

· Pupils ever get picked on by other children for not behaving like a ‘typical girl’ or a ‘typical boy’

· Pupils have had any lessons about different types of families (single parent, living with grandparents, having step-parents, having two mums or two dads)

· Pupils think if there is someone born a girl, who would rather be a boy, or born a boy who would like to be a girl, they would feel safe at school and be included? 

In response, our education training team (made up of an experienced primary school teacher and assistant head, LGBT+ trainer and community workshop leader) created primary school workshops to help improve your school. 


All of our existing primary workshops are bespoke and can be tailored to meet the needs of your setting. Our LGBT+ learning activities can be condensed into short 20-45minute sessions, or expanded into 2 hour or whole day workshops. 

We also offer follow up literacy and SMSC sessions/plans which explore gender identity and equality through coverage of SMSC, English writing objectives and reading domains. 

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